· Design is a Process

· Understanding our Clients Business Drivers is Key

· Identifying Competing Values within an Organization allows insight on the Best Solutions for Organizational Performance

· Solutions Must Address the Differentiating Characteristics of Individual Workstyles

· The Product Portfolio used to Create those Solutions Must be Flexible and Adaptable to Change as the Organization Develops and Evolves

· We have a responsibility to our Clients to develop solutions that address both their immediate and long term goals by maximizing their facilities performance and in turn, employee satisfaction and productivity

Our Tools For Design (Click On Link For More Info)

Business Fingerprint

· A diagnostic tool we use to engage in meaningful conversations with our clients to better understand and prioritize their business and project drivers.

Competing Values Framework

· Developed by the University of Michigan, CVF is a modeling tool for organizing and understanding a wide variety of organizational and individual phenomena, including theories of organizational effectiveness, leadership competencies, organizational culture, organizational design, stages of life cycle development, organizational quality, leadership roles, financial strategy, information processing, and brain functioning.

Understanding Individual Workstyles

· A tool we use to gain understanding of your workforce needs that can lead to the development of a strategy that provides the right resources - space, furniture, and equipment - to optimize worker satisfaction and workplace performance.


· In house rendering and design capabilities that enable us to illustrate design concepts, work flow, branding elements and specific fabrics, materials and layouts so that our clients have a complete understanding of our Design Intent and how that correlates to their needs and vision.