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Sustainability makes good business sense.  That was the point we wanted to drive home back in 2005 when we first started developing 5 Green Tree Drive, our Design Center and Furniture Showroom in South Burlington, Vermont.   Inundated with marketing messages touting  “green” or “sustainable” at every turn, our goal was to create  a traditional office space that incorporated an integrated portfolio of products and concepts that illustrated  how sustainable design could save money, improve productivity and provide a platform for change.  5 Green Tree Drive was born.


Featuring an Underfloor Air System, Raised Flooring Platform, Movable Architectural Walls, Modular Electrical Systems, Layered Lighting Concepts and Daylighting via a Solar Tube fed from our roof, our Showroom was awarded the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for its educational concepts.  Saving over 46% on heating, 32% on air conditioning, and 38% on electrical costs over a conventionally planned office building, 5 Green Tree Drive showcases how an office building can evolve into a dramatic and flexible space that is inviting, changeable, and cost effective, while reducing our impact on the environment.


Taking it a few steps further, in 2011 we added a complete solar array on our roof and changed out our metal halide lights to LED.  Generating over 60,000 kilowatt hours, we now cover 140% of our annual power consumption.  Moving forward, we will be adding the next generation of movable walls, advanced lighting systems and modular systems and casegoods - allowing us to not only talk about sustainable design, but illustrate how, when properly planned for, it can bring value to our clients  - resulting in a positive payback both monetarily and for our environment.

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“At 5 Green Tree Drive in South Burlington can be found a model for
the office building of tomorrow. The building is anticipated to offer
cost savings of 46% on heating; 32% on air conditioning; 38% on
electrical use; with total energy use going from 20.87 to 11.87 kW/sq.ft.
as built. The result: an estimated first year energy savings of $10,400
and an estimated simple payback period of 3.4 years. In addition,
5 Green Tree Drive acts as a case study for high performance interiors,
illustrating products that are 95% recyclable, 98% reusable, and
completely modular, thus facilitating change, not hampering it”

Summary of Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental       Excellence—Awarded to OE in 2006